30 December 2008

oh, people:

i just got back from the little b & b grocery store in sour lake; i brought my own nylon bag up to the checkout and the woman laughed in my face -- " you want me to put your stuff in that?"

21 December 2008

me, today:

here is me, with my new hair, sitting in front of the fire and sneering at the snuggie commercial that just came on the television (my parents and i are watching 'caribbean cops' [who even knew this show existed? it's awful.] in our pajamas). i got about five inches cut off, plus layers, but somehow it doesn't look like that much to everyone else. anyway, no knot-buns anymore!

it was hot yesterday, but a coldfront came through last night and now it's feeling wonderfully wintery here. i love christmastime in sour lake.

19 December 2008


am getting a haircut tomorrow morning!!!

10 December 2008

not my day:

i slept poorly last night; this morning i was woken up at 6:41 by a phone call from my mother, who wanted to tell me all about the snow in college station; i had coffee jitters during my spanish final at 10:30, which i may or may not have passed; i spilled the remaining coffee all over my leather backpack and kitchen table a few hours later; etc.

now i'm drinking a (stout) screwdriver and watching 'love actually' and frantically working on my watercolor final -- a triptych -- that i began at 7:45 pm and that is due at 10:40 tomorrow morning. sounds classy, right?

04 December 2008

christmas shopping:

i'm pretty low on funds to spend on extravagant christmas gifts this year, but i love browsing around on the internet nonetheless, finding sweet, handmade, interesting gifts that i would give to my friends and family if i were financially capable of doing so. for instance:
also, i came across this website -- gosucculent.com -- where you can pick out beautiful, exotic succulents and cactuses and have them shipped to you!

know of any get-rich-quick schemes?

03 December 2008

a confession:

i finished two books today. which, in itself, isn't terrible, until i consider how much painting i could have accomplished in the time that i spent reading, or how many dishes i could have washed or miles i could have run... and then i realize it's pretty bad.

also, autumn is fantastic. i can't shut up about how beautiful each and every leaf on each and every tree is. i've tried. ask bradley.