29 October 2008

bakin' on a wednesday night:

this evening i finished a book, painted for two hours, cleaned my kitchen and baked some vegan pumpkin muffins. at 10:30 pm. i couldn't help myself. the photo may not be so great, but it smells pretty amazing in here.

26 October 2008

a moth:

this is a moth that sat on bradley's windowsill all yesterday afternoon while i read and bradley drew, until shaq came in and scared him away.

22 October 2008


an old zen saying (from this movie, which i watched this evening):
"if you have a little piece of shit on your nose, everything stinks."

& some interesting facts about coffee vs. tea.

21 October 2008

what if:

i just let my hair keep on growing and growing and growing?

12 October 2008

sea stone vases:

by mitsuru koga, found here. aren't they beautiful?

i feel the need to apologize for posting so much lately... like i'm clogging up the internet... but i'm just feeling so inspired!

11 October 2008

things in my kitchen:

yesterday we had homemade vegan pizza margherita. i honestly thought that bradley was going to break down and cry -- he was so proud of his near-perfect dough. (it was really, really nice dough. and delicious pizza.)

i've put off washing my dishes all day long; i consolidated the mess by stacking plates and bowls, and i was pleased with the unexpectedly appealing sight of the arrangement in my kitchen sink.

10 October 2008

somewhere there's a feather:

um. guys, i can't stop listening to nico.

06 October 2008

a nice series:

"the man on the roof," a guy who takes pictures of himself modeling women's bikini bottoms on the roof of a ymca in the late sixties and early seventies.

05 October 2008

snippets of last night's dreams:

-bradley was really drunk and hanging out with some other girl (who was also drunk). he got into an accident on his bicycle -- there was a lot of blood, but he just had a few scratches on his upper thigh (also, his cut-offs were way shorter than usual). the girl dragged him out of the road to the sidewalk. i watched all of this from the other side of the road and i worried about him, but for some reason i couldn't cross the street to help. after he had cleaned up a bit, he started talking with my uncle terry, who was sitting in a dark corner of a crowded party. that's where i found him. i sat down with him and he put his head on my shoulder.

-i kept walking past mirrors and catching glimpses of really dark hair on my upper lip, and i panicked.

-i drank ligon's chocolate silk straight from the carton that's in her fridge (i'm staying at her house in lubbock right now, and there really is a carton of chocolate silk in her fridge); i chugged it until there was only one sip left in the carton (probably all backwash), at which point i said, unapologetically, "here ligon. there are a few drops left." and then i woke up.

02 October 2008


one of my favorite things to do is to pick up interesting little bits of flora that i find on the ground. acorns, magnolia seedpods, twigs, nuts, etc. i put my findings in a little turquoise ceramic bowl on my kitchen table. this is one such thing that i've found recently:
and this is another: