26 May 2009

dime dime dime:

i've been listening to hispanic pop radio for the past few days, sort of in preparation for my trips to méxico and costa rica and sort of just for fun. anyway, as a result, this song has been stuck in my head for approximately 48 hours. i think it's getting on bradley's nerves, but it is SO catchy!

20 May 2009

sad, sad news:

i'm visiting my family in sour lake, and they just told me that maribelle was hit by a car in front of our house a few weeks ago.
r.i.p. baby girl. i'll miss you forever.

14 May 2009

two things:

1. i'm finally done with final exams. remind me, why exactly did i think it was a good idea to get this second degree?

2. phat camp 2 is this weekend, and i'm really looking forward to bike parades and music and dancing and capturing the flag and hanging out with friends, and hopefully the weather won't get in the way of any of it.

11 May 2009

stop raining:

...please? i really need some sunshine.

and speaking of the sun... the other day i came across one of my favorite photos from our family trip to belize last summer. it's of bailey and me, donning dark suntans and printed dresses in front of the rainbow hotel on caye caulker. bailey is leaving for barcelona in a few days, so i'm not going to see her until mid-july. i'll miss you, little sis.

08 May 2009

"my first 'mader":

by whitney radley

also, i have baby european starlings living in the hole above my backdoor and they are so chirpy!

07 May 2009

show and tell with ms. monét robbins:

"this is my new blackberry! it's sort of ghetto and it doesn't have a built-in camera."

"this is my kitty, benny! he's sort of chubby and very sleepy."

p.s. i'm so lucky to have amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, fun gfs all around the state and the country and the world.

02 May 2009

my mint:

the mint plant (of an unidentified variety) in my windowsill is producing an inordinate amount of fragrant leaves on its unruly stems, and i just figured out what to do with it. who's in for mint juleps and/or mojitos? eh? happy hour to celebrate dead week?

p.s. you all should see how my little garden is reacting to this rainy weather. perhaps i have a little bit of a green thumb after all.

01 May 2009

swimming cities:

how beautiful! i want to ride on one! read more about them here.