31 January 2008

on ugg boots:

bradley kerl: "twice the uggliness?"

29 January 2008

immanuel kant says:

"the inhabitants of the coast of new holland have half-closed eyes and cannot see into the distance without tilting their heads right back. they accustom themselves to this because of the many mosquitoes that are always flying into their eyes. some peoples, like the moors of sierra leone and the mongols who are within the area of china, spread an evil smell."

among other absolutely ridiculous, offensive things, in his essays on national characteristics and physical geography. i have spent a good part of this morning reading these essays in complete disbelief.

24 January 2008

so, i'm feeling kooky:

maybe it's the cabin fever that i can attribute to nothing other than this cold, rainy, cloudy weather. or the recent change in my schedule which allows me to have fridays off. or the amount of books that i am expected to have completed before monday. or my excitement about another weekend in denton. or because i was just addressed as "mister."

21 January 2008

el em en oh:

i like it. from here.

i've been reading and drinking tea in my pajamas all of this rainy-day long. this weekend was such a crowded, expensive, exhausting explosion of fun. thanks girls (and boys, too).

16 January 2008

a wednesday:

i have a big splinter in the ring finger of my right hand. i don't know where it came from, but it is bothersome.

this evening is so nice and beautiful and crispy cold and the sun is making everything glow.

i received this (!) in the mail today as a belated christmas gift from bradley (!), and i just started looking through it. so beautiful.

14 January 2008

new semester:

new books, new pens, new shoes, and a positive mindset.

today i had only one class and it seems like it may be pretty terrible, but i'm going to stay optimistic and remember how quickly a semester goes by and make plans for every weekend so that i can get away from this school nastiness.

08 January 2008


i feel like i have sort of been disconnected from the rest of the world over the christmas break. i have been reading book after book, knitting, camping, hiking, rafting, eating good food, drinking wine, running, biking, tidying, working, making future plans, and going to bed early, all in the company of my immediate family. this month has been really wonderful... both productive and lazy.

just one semester left, then onto bigger and better things.