27 May 2008


i get up early, i have coffee and breakfast, sit around for a while, get dressed. i prepare lunch, mom and i ride our bicycles 1.4 miles to work. i work until 5 p.m., we ride our bicycles 1.4 miles home. i think about unpacking my car and straightening up my room. i run, i shower. i help with dinner and drink a few glasses of wine. i read, and i go to bed early.

so if you're curious: this will be my summer. plus a vacation here and there. it's not so bad, so far.

23 May 2008


is the first time that i've felt "alone" in a while. it's probably because i have an almost-completely-empty apartment (besides a few boxes of cleaning supplies and an overnight bag) and a big, queen-sized air mattress all to myself (and maribelle) for the first time in over a week.

tomorrow morning i leave austin for good. it's such a weird feeling -- i'll miss the city and my friends and the springs and the food and my way of life, of course, but i'm glad to move on. and i've been ready for a while.

so i'm looking forward to a summer of travel and self-betterment, and an autumn in a completely different place.

(a few new photos on flickr.)

07 May 2008


my little, cramped apartment has been much too uncomfortable to practice yoga in and this, combined with the cancellation of my gym membership, has caused me to almost completely abandon my practice over the past ten months or so.

but yesterday morning my parents took home most of the furniture from my living room and kitchen, so now i have a big (um, not very big), open space in my apartment to lay out my mat.

i just pulled out my deck of yoga cards and stretched for a solid 45 minutes. it felt so, so, so wonderful. i'm getting excited about picking it up again, and about perhaps starting a weekly (or bi-weekly? or tri-weekly?) pick-up yoga session on the lawn across from 715 in the fall.

hmm. what on earth would the neighbors think if we practiced naked?