26 September 2007

me, today:

frowning because i don't want to write a spanish paper, my kitten is losing lots of fur & smells of sulfur, and a few tiny blood vessels under my left eye burst today while i was swimming/wearing goggles.

but! all's not so bad. today i had a thai lunch date and received a letter from my madre espaƱola (on handmade paper, covered in flower and ladybug stickers), and tomorrow i leave for a long weekend in denton!

24 September 2007


i have so much free time. i spend it doing absolutely nothing. i can honestly say that i don't know to where my monday has gone. wastey waste waste.

in addition, i am getting extremely anxious for the upcoming change in season/weather. i just bought this new/vintage coat, which i can't really imagine wearing until it cools off at least 100 degrees... or 40. but really. it's so hot out right now.

i need to get out of austin for a while. i'm bored.

10 September 2007

rainy run:

i just got back from a thirty-minute run in the heavy rain with carmen. afterwards, my fingers were prune-y and my running shoes soaked, but during the run i felt so great and refreshed in a way that i can't explain.

i'm out of groceries, so for dinner i'm having an amy's kitchen mattar paneer which is, surprisingly, really delicious for a frozen dinner.

my suspicions were confirmed today when i found out that i contracted ringworm from the kitten. hopefully she and i will both be treated and well and ringworm-free by the end of the week.

04 September 2007


omg, seriously.
lots of rain lately. nice book/nap/tea weather. lazy lazy.

school isn't so bad if i just remind myself often that: 1) i have four-day weekends, every weekend, and 2) i finish in may (hopefully!).

could september be any more packed with shows that i want to see? acl, of course, but then: john vanderslice, yo la tengo, amiina, the sea and cake, the animal collective, do make say think, maria taylor, etc. etc. ugh.