28 June 2010

this rooftop:

i'd like to be lounging, reading, and sipping a cocktail here (via miss moss).

24 June 2010

two songs/videos:

that will forever remind me of poison ivy (one outbreak, circa fifth grade, so bad that i had to spend the school week on my grandparents' couch, watching mtv music videos every time mawmaw left the room). also, shame.

23 June 2010


inspired by ensuite's post today, i google-mapped and daydreamed about the one place where i almost always want to be: cádiz, españa.  oh, memories.

17 June 2010

thursday still life:

sipping a bellini, water coloring, and brewing: an atypical ending to a stressful, atypical day. 

p.s. a GIGANTIC thanks to two of my favorite ladies for saving my life this afternoon.

16 June 2010

for lunch:

i'm having a peanut butter (crunchy), honey, and banana sandwich, cut into triangles (what am i, six years old?) and reading this article about sex, sports, drugs, and politics, which was cited on today's daily rumpus email. not necessarily the best or most appetizing combination of activities. do as i say, not as i do.

15 June 2010

strange but satisfying:

or, when a tuesday feels exactly like a saturday.

12 June 2010


i've been busy. not enough time to sleep, really, and even less time to keep up with things on the internet. however, i have managed to knock one item off of my to-do list: peach picking. we went last weekend, and it was lovely.

(thanks to bailey for the photo.)