27 February 2011

Today, I'd like to be:

... browsing at a flea market in the sun, like this babe in Gemma Booth's photos. But today isn't very sunny, and Bradley and I haven't found a great flea market in or around Austin -- any suggestions?

17 February 2011


I love Wendy MacNaughton's comic, Meanwhile, on The Rumpus. Here are a few really nice outtakes from a post about the Dolphin Club:

16 February 2011

Félix Vallotton:

Félix Vallotton's paintings just seem to keep popping up in my life lately (most recently on Miss Moss, via Darcy) -- and I can't get them out of my head. Those colors! Those patterns!

09 February 2011

Channeling warmth:

The roads are icy, the wind chill is below freezing, and the heater at my office is malfunctioning. I'm channeling the warmth of these images from the Toast Early Spring 2011 catalog