14 December 2006


i don't like waiting until the last minute! why do i do this to myself? it seems as if time moves doubly fast when i need just a little bit more of it.

i saw joanna newsom last night at the parish. she was so wonderful & so beautiful with her big harp & her tiny voice; it made me want to cry & laugh & sleep & dance all at the same time.

06 December 2006


most of the time rosie, our dog, & ollie, our cat, pretend like they hate each other. they are constantly bickering, they purposefully eat one another's food, ollie tries to claw rosie when she walks past & to pounce on her when she uses the restroom, rosie ignores ollie's existence. but then, every once in a while, i catch them doing something like this, which alters my whole perspective:

ollie touching rosie's ass with both paws? & rosie allowing it to happen? i think that something is up. a little cat/dog love/hate romance, perhaps.

01 December 2006

on modernity:

i have recently come to strongly dislike the word "modernity." why? because two of my professors this semester have used the word countless times in lecture, a situation which would not be bad in itself if it were not for their terrible pronunciation of the word: "mow-dare-nity" (with unusually strong emphasis on the dare) rather than "mo-dur-nity." this slight difference may not be discernable to some ears, but i actually cringe every time i hear the word come up in lecture.

in other news, anna had her wisdom teeth removed this morning & the medication has affected her hilariously. also, i have successfully wasted three hours of my day doing i-don't-even-know-what.