17 June 2011


I know that everyone loves Fridays, but really -- they're awesome. My office closes at noon on Friday, so I usually meet Bradley out for lunch or throw together something fresh for myself at home (below), and then spend the rest of the afternoon volunteering or running errands and doing chores that I don't want to ruin my weekend with. And sometimes I just curl up on the couch or sit in my little lawn chair in our little yard and read. That's what's on my agenda for today.

16 June 2011

Proud Mary:

Just got a pair of these sandals in from Proud Mary today! They're so simple and sweet and perfect for summer. It's an added bonus that 10% of the proceeds go to a charity.

Also on my wish-list: one of these pretty pattered bags, and a stack of those pillows to decorate our new house, come August.

10 June 2011


I feel like "Best Shots from Google's Camera" posts are everywhere these days, but 9-eyes definitely has the best curation I've seen. And I can't help but enjoy this invasion of private moments (see my previous Google Maps post here).

04 June 2011

My weekend:

Add sweatpants, a bookgirly movies, and open-faced avocado + english muffin sandwiches, and this is what my weekend looks like so far.