22 October 2007


last night i laid down at 11:30 pm but didn't fall asleep until after 5:30 this morning. yucky.

today is a chilly, rainy one in austin. perfect weather for lounging and studying indoors. and i'm feeling lazy.

we're planning a road trip to marfa/west texas this weekend! i'm so pumped!

16 October 2007

palabras espaƱolas:

so i noticed today that every time i run, i constantly form nonsensical spanish phrases and repeat them over and over again in my head. often about calcetines rojos or something random/absurd like that. i don't know why. i'm just sayin'.

tonight i made a delicious batch of pea and basil soup with toasted ciabatta and sun-dried tomatoes and watched 'go for zucker' (belatedly, and at the suggestion of my german film comedy professor). today was a very good, very long tuesday.

question: is it possible for one to update one's blog too often?

15 October 2007

three reasons:

why i like to go to denton:

1. fun friends
2. homemade sushi
3. handsome boys

09 October 2007

one of my favorite songs:

joni mitchell "california." performed beautifully. mmm. i'd much rather watch this, or perhaps anything at all, than finish writing my spanish paper about feminism in eighteenth century spain at the last minute.

07 October 2007


went to see a performance of macbeth in winedale last night. the sky/landscape out there was incredibly beautiful/eerie:also, this weekend i drank ENTIRELY too much beer.

01 October 2007