09 October 2007

one of my favorite songs:

joni mitchell "california." performed beautifully. mmm. i'd much rather watch this, or perhaps anything at all, than finish writing my spanish paper about feminism in eighteenth century spain at the last minute.


whitney said...

bradley: don't be a baby. just watch the darned video.

Jesse said...

girl, you gotta do that paper.

Bradley KERL said...

hahah! preemptive comment strike... damn your good!

camille said...

we should speak spanish to each other sometime. i think that it would be fun.

though...did you learn spanish-spanish? i learned hispanic-spanish.

oh dear. this could be a problem.
or, perhaps, an adventure!

your blogs are amazingly interesting!

darcy elizabeth said...


Marc said...

it's my tied for favorite, radley.