29 March 2007


i burned myself twice this morning, one time grabbing the hair straightener by the wrong end with my right hand and the other time on my left middle finger while preparing a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. i'm all hurting and stuff.

14 March 2007


i am on spring break, visiting my family at home, & it's about to start raining.

rain reminds me of home, home reminds me of rain. thunder is coming.

07 March 2007


last night i had a dream that i was squirting hair mousse into my mouth & eating it as if it were reddi-wip. i was just reminded of this when i sat down at my desk (to begin all of the essays that are due tomorrow) & saw my hairspray on the corner. now i can't stop gagging & thinking about eating hair mousse. yuck. this is really going to hinder my writing.

05 March 2007

march already?:

i guess it is!

this weekend was bradley's 21st birthday weekend. he went out sober at midnight & came home pretty wasted a few hours later, which was funny. this weekend was also two art museum visits, beer-drinking con mis padres, & explosions in the sky on campus, which was amazing.

this week is hectic: meetings, an essay test, two 10-page papers, a research paper outline, a sister-visit, & four tet. next week is spring break, which is much-needed.

so i just fixed myself a cup of boh tea that i bought last summer in malaysia. i don't know that it really tastes much different from the plain old bigelow tea that i had with my breakfast this morning, but it brings back memories of sitting at the tea plantation café, people-watching, enjoying the tea & the moment & my life. it makes me feel very nostalgic. i want to go back. i guess that's what nostalgia is.