23 July 2007

move out, move on:

i'm in austin, getting ready to move from my old house to a new apartment. i'm really getting anxious and restless much too far in advance. i don't move out/in for another week. but today i packed up my bookcase, cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and drawers, sorted through movies, took what was mine from our storage closet. i was on a roll, so i decided to go through some storage bins and expandable file folders in my own closet that i have been neglecting for a long time. and i found every receipt from the past three years of my life.

apparently i have been holding onto them despite the fact that a receipt from a cup of coffee from march of 2005 or a tank of gas from a year and a half ago is completely useless. anyway, sifting through and throwing away those little slips of paper felt like reliving my life in a weird way. i remembered the fun and/or stupid things that i have done or spent money on and it made me a little sad to think that, now that i have disposed of the receipts, i will never be reminded of those trivial things again. but then i remembered how relieved i felt to be rid of a garbage bag full of receipts and unimportant documents.