28 January 2009


beautiful, sunny day. all of my classes canceled again; getting lots of things done (writing, organizing, catching up), loving the sound of ice melting outside, feeling great (besides a little congestion, but that will pass).

26 January 2009

oh man ii:

i'm such a sucker for this type of thing. (i cry... so what?)

also, i started reading excerpts of 'walden' this evening for my environmental philosophy class; it's much more accessible than i thought it would be, and amusing and inspiring and relevant. i'm looking forward to reading the whole thing when i have a little downtime.

oh man:

this is fun.

23 January 2009

dear january in texas:

i'm a little ashamed to admit it, but i love you.

22 January 2009


the first week of the semester is almost over, and i really like all of my classes so far... but i have what is possibly the lousiest schedule ever. by the end of today, i will have biked between campus and home a total of six times. that's approximately 10.2 miles. i need to find some way to occupy myself on/around campus during those too-long breaks between classes -- so if you need a lunch date, you know who to call.

20 January 2009

new prez:

have you seen these photos of obama's people? striking images.

i'm so excited to see how this goes.

13 January 2009


dancing while organizing my closet. knitting and watching gossip girl. knitting and listening to nico. feeling pretty girly this afternoon.

07 January 2009

a garden:

i've been drinking coffee and researching container gardening for the past hour; one of my resolutions for 2009 is to stop making excuses (about how i'm going to move again soon, about how i don't have enough time, etc.) and start growing a few vegetables in my own backyard, a few more herbs, perhaps some lavender and marigold. slightly daunting; very exciting.

03 January 2009

another confession:

i am absolutely, painfully addicted to gossip girl. and i'm not ashamed of it.