28 April 2010

i love these cuties:

animal illustrations by lev tokmakov, via a journey round my skull.

27 April 2010

i turned twenty-four:

and, for no logical reason, the number terrifies me. in order to (hopefully) alleviate some of the anxiety i feel about life-rushing-by-me-too-quickly and not-taking-advantage-of-my-relative-youth-and-leisure-time, i have compiled a list of twenty-four things to do before i turn twenty-five:
  1. fill up a notebook with words
  2. volunteer somewhere
  3. finish writing unfinished essays
  4. finish reading unfinished books
  5. canoe on town lake
  6. leave the country
  7. use more film
  8. find "my scent"
  9. pay special visits to each of my grandparents
  10. hike
  11. pick peaches
  12. practice french
  13. speak spanish
  14. spend a saturday morning at the farmers market
  15. get out my sewing machine and finish some of those oft-dreamed-up-but-never-accomplished projects
  16. keep up with my 5-year diary
  17. wake up earlier
  18. drive out west
  19. keep up with a podcast
  20. do something daring (karaoke? cliff-jumping?)
  21. read more nonfiction
  22. grow something from seed (successfully)
  23. improve my vocabulary
  24. walk and bike more

26 April 2010

bedside still life:

one good consequence of an iced coffee at 6:45 p.m.: the eradication of my long-neglected mending pile.

23 April 2010

vladimir nabokov:

sartorially smart AND preternaturally talented. seriously, brilliant is an embarrassing understatement. 

i'm currently absorbed in the gift. yesterday, while working a crossword, "a course for some polyglots to be" was one of the clues; a few hours later, i read this on page 126 of the novel: "--he was no polyglot." today, nabokov is featured on nerd boyfriend.

22 April 2010


why didn't anyone tell me that yann tiersen was playing in austin last night? and at the mohawk, no less! i almost flew all the way to mexico city to see him a few years ago. i am kicking myself now. ugh.

20 April 2010

celeb look-alikes:

when i was in high school, i sometimes got kirsten dunst and cameron diaz. recently, on those celebrity look-alike websites, i end up with results like these, which are really funny and slightly embarrassing. but at OSMF this weekend, i was twice told that i looked like a young laura dern, and a few times compared to a young meryl streep. i don't really see it myself, but i just did some research, and i certainly don't mind the comparisons.

19 April 2010


i've been listening to edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros quite a bit lately. their music puts me in a good mood. favorites: "40 day dream" and "home."

i just came across these photos of the two babes in the band at coachella:

they're so adorable! now i double-like them. 

14 April 2010

i'm a lucky girl:


i've been unbearably grumpy this afternoon, and bradley is preparing homemade pizza for dinner while i drink wine and catch up on the internets. sweet boy.

update: OH! and he's baking a loaf of banana bread!

07 April 2010


lots of affordable prints, like this one by ricardo vazquez, at the urban outfitters print shop.