21 November 2010

french toast:

i'm so thankful for lazy weekend mornings. (photos from our stay in pontotoc.)

09 November 2010

me, today:

i'm not sure exactly how it happened, but i became terrible at the internet. my google reader reached 1000+ months ago, my email inbox is in disarray, correspondence is past-due, i haven't updated blogger or tumblr, i rarely even stalk on facebook. i guess that my eyes are so tired of looking at the damned computer screen by the end of my six-hour workday that i just want to come home and put on my softest shirt and drink a hot cup of tea (see above) or a cold beer and do nothing. catching up on the weekend is out of the question, too, since there are always trips and festivals and bike rides and camp-outs and receptions and half-marathons (??) on my metaphorical plate. 

all that to say, i'm sorry i've been absent, but i'm really not sorry. life is pretty good.