29 January 2007

salida del sol:

on monday i watched the sun rise in my rearview mirror. a sunrise is a beautiful phenomenon that i don't see nearly enough.

on tuesday i skipped all of my classes & instead spent the day hooked up to an iv at the university urgent care facility.

on wednesday i slept. a lot.

& on thursday i took a two-hour nap & purchased netflix, two things which i may or may not later regret.

16 January 2007


it has been snowing outside all afternoon. i have stayed inside in my bed, listening to the flakes fall on the tree outside my window, on the sidewalk, on the windowsill, watching it collect on the cars, on the driveway, on the flower beds, but not on the grass.

i have also been reading & crying all afternoon; i just finished 'extremely loud & incredibly close' by jonathan safran foer. it was absolutely amazing & touching & well written. a true & complete work of art. books like this make me want to be a writer. i know that it will never happen, because i lack the talent & the confidence in myself, but it is a nice thing to think about sometimes.

15 January 2007

arctic blast:

it is sooo cold in here! my fingers! my toes! i can't get warm!

06 January 2007


the holidays have been great. every time i get ready to come back home*, i am a bit apprehensive. not to sound snobbish, but i usually consider sour lake/beaumont to be sort of depressing. thankfully, my amazing, hilarious, ridiculous parents & sisters more than make up for the deficiencies of the location. so, when my family is able to briefly refrain from farting or yelling or making lude & politically incorrect remarks, i really enjoy spending time with them. i will be sad to leave.

*i refer to both sour lake & austin as "home." in this instance i am referring to sour lake. i have not quite made up my mind which home is real & which is a pseudo-home. i am not even sure that this is a decision which must be made.