28 August 2007

kitty kitty:

i've been getting accustomed to having a new kitten in my little house for the past few days. she's pretty adorable. she loves to chase pens and to type on my computer and to purr and to curl up with me to take naps. also, she has the bluest eyes that i've ever seen and her fur is as soft as a rabbit's. i'm in love.

18 August 2007


this morning i painted my bedroom!

and after:
i'm pretty happy with the results. see more new apartment photos here!

in other news, i have been incredibly lazy for the past few weeks. just reading books and watching 'the office' and laying out by the swimming pool and making quick trips around the state. school starts in a week and a half. plenty more relax-time between now and then.

03 August 2007


settling, piddling, getting accustomed to living alone. my new apartment is very small, but also very wonderful.