11 June 2009

on costa rica:

i´m having a great time, slowly getting to know the region and improving my spanish and sweating constantly. i have attended a dance class, a photography class, and a traditional costa rican cooking class, in addition to the spanish language and culture class from 10:45 to 1:45 every day.

my classmates and host family are great, and i sort of have a girl crush on our director, janiva, who is probably the most interesting, accomplished young woman i know. i´ve been so busy from dawn until way past dusk every day; i feel like i´ve been here for weeks rather than days.

missing you all. don´t have too much fun without me. besos.

06 June 2009


¿quĂ© tal, dudes? i'm leaving for costa rica today; don't be surprised if i decide to expatriate

just kiddingggg. see y'all in three weeks!