29 April 2008


thanks to all of my wonderful friends who made my birthday a great one by sending me surprises in the mail, partying with me on saturday night, or making/finding/giving me beautiful things. i'm such a lucky girl. i love you all.

20 April 2008


one by one the seasons change you
maybe once but not for all
time can't paint the picture for you
dying leaves need time to fall
i can't stop listening to this song on repeat.

i was at hippie fest with my parents all weekend. wonderful weather, beautiful music, delicious beer, hula hooping, etc. my birthday is this week, and only a few weeks remain until the end of school, and i'm happy and restless.

16 April 2008


last night i had a weird dream. i had to explain the meaning of the word "bald" to an older guy who didn't speak very good english. we were playing scrabble or something. and he was going bald and trying to hide his receding hairline, so it was sort of awkward. other weird stuff happened in this dream, too, but i don't remember any of it now.

also, bailey took me to see feist for my birthday. it was wonderful.

13 April 2008


busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy.

05 April 2008

beach boys:

i wonder whether the guys dressed in matching outfits even to go to the grocery store. and whether they picked up any ladies this way.

i'm hungover.

04 April 2008


today began with a loud hail storm, and has developed in to a beautiful, cool, cloudless day; i have spent the better part of it in my nightgown, on my bed, with the window open, reading a book, and i feel like i'm sitting in puddle of light in a treehouse. it's lovely.

02 April 2008

room please:

Im Moving Soon To Austin And I Need A Room,,Im 36,Non Drugs, Non Drink And Non Smoke,,I Lead A Clean Life With No Drama,I Went Thew A Very Bad Divorce In Indiana And Need To Get Back On My Feet.Im Very Handy And Can Work On Anything,,I Do My Own Cleaning Cooking And Laundry.And I Have A Great Postive Outlook On Life,If Some One Could Please Help It Would Be Great,,God Bless And Have A Great Day,,Michael

i'm looking at craigslist to find someone to take over my lease for the summer, and i'm coming across some pretty funny 'housing wanted' ads.

ps. apparently this is my 100th post.