02 April 2008

room please:

Im Moving Soon To Austin And I Need A Room,,Im 36,Non Drugs, Non Drink And Non Smoke,,I Lead A Clean Life With No Drama,I Went Thew A Very Bad Divorce In Indiana And Need To Get Back On My Feet.Im Very Handy And Can Work On Anything,,I Do My Own Cleaning Cooking And Laundry.And I Have A Great Postive Outlook On Life,If Some One Could Please Help It Would Be Great,,God Bless And Have A Great Day,,Michael

i'm looking at craigslist to find someone to take over my lease for the summer, and i'm coming across some pretty funny 'housing wanted' ads.

ps. apparently this is my 100th post.


lauren ruth said...

Michael sounds like a winner!

Bradley KERL said...

give the guy a break -- he just went thew something really tough.

monet said...

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camille said...


happy centennial!!!

reid said...

Does craigslist automatically capitalize every word in the sentence?