29 October 2009

my mother has used the word "hootenany," both in text and in speech, approximately 800 times over the past week.

(image from here.)

28 October 2009

guess who is back in town:

...or, the country. finally! i can't wait to see my boo!

(photo from darcy.)

27 October 2009


i just made myself a red onion, garlic, sun-dried tomato, spinach, artichoke heart, pine nut, and goat cheese omelet for dinner. delicious with a glass of cabernet sauvignon. YUM.

26 October 2009

oh no:

i want this backpack! why is shipping $14.99??

i cannot do ebay. i always end up placing risky bids and accidentally purchasing things that i don't really intend to. please make me stop looking at navajo purses and rugs.

25 October 2009

october in texas:

yesterday i shivered. today i sunbathe in the backyard.

mom is fifty:

i have heretofore greatly underestimated my parents' ability to party. i love my family.

(photos from bailey.)

24 October 2009

i am wearing the most embarrassing outfit right now. i really hope that no one stops by for a surprise visit.

22 October 2009

the worthwhile existence:


(from a homemade bumper sticker, somewhere between sour lake and college station.)

13 October 2009

my afternoon:

hot cup of tea,
small bowl of almonds,
italo calvino.

i can't believe that october is almost halfway over.