06 December 2010

Ghana bolga baskets:

I want every. single. one. 

See 'em all here.

Architectural models:

Seriously awesome. (fromvia.)

01 December 2010


xmas wishlist

my sweet grandmother has been begging me for almost a month to send her a christmas wish list with links. for some reason, this seemed a horrible chore -- for a reason outlined earlier, and because, even though i can easily window shop online for myself day in and day out, i find that actually settling on an item is really, really difficult. perhaps that has something to do with the limited amount of space i have to put things.

i finally jotted a couple of items down to send to her in an email, and realized that they all sort of go together in outfit form. i guess you can click for more info?

21 November 2010

french toast:

i'm so thankful for lazy weekend mornings. (photos from our stay in pontotoc.)

09 November 2010

me, today:

i'm not sure exactly how it happened, but i became terrible at the internet. my google reader reached 1000+ months ago, my email inbox is in disarray, correspondence is past-due, i haven't updated blogger or tumblr, i rarely even stalk on facebook. i guess that my eyes are so tired of looking at the damned computer screen by the end of my six-hour workday that i just want to come home and put on my softest shirt and drink a hot cup of tea (see above) or a cold beer and do nothing. catching up on the weekend is out of the question, too, since there are always trips and festivals and bike rides and camp-outs and receptions and half-marathons (??) on my metaphorical plate. 

all that to say, i'm sorry i've been absent, but i'm really not sorry. life is pretty good.

12 September 2010

30 August 2010

russia in color:

i'm sure that these have been circulating for a while, but i love these photos of early 20th century russia in color. especially the portraits.

22 August 2010


jónsi tour trailer from Jónsi on Vimeo.

got tickets to see jónsi in october with my baby sis. also sufjan stevens. can't wait.

14 August 2010


spoiling myself this morning with a delicious breakfast for one: grapefruit juice, homemade focaccia, and a fried egg with pesto.

09 August 2010

how i spent my weekend:

floating the river. also, bathing in same river.


monét's new postcard sets, just listed in darcy's etsy shop, you're in maine... and not just because there are so many bits of my home and my person featured in the snapshots!

05 August 2010

a great day:

involving public transportation, the matisse as printmaker exhibit, and a dinner-in-the-making that smells delicious -- lemon butter shrimp pasta and an arugula salad with figs and walnuts. mmm.

04 August 2010

22 July 2010


i spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about where i'd like to be lounging. this chaise set from terrain looks so enticing... and expensive.

thankfully, i'm going to spend most of my weekend on a similar one in "pleasure town," reading and sunning and spending time with my little niece and nephew and crazy family.

16 July 2010

sprouted kitchen:

bradley and i have tried a few of the recipes over at sprouted kitchen and have yet to be disappointed. last night we made the summer corn soup with shrimp, with just a few tweaks (a little more lime and roasted poblano, a little less shrimp). it was so delicious that i made myself a second helping, which induced a sort of food-coma.

best enjoyed with a chilled glass of vinho verde and a documentary.

14 July 2010

this room:

look at this room! that ceiling! that light! it's perfect. more here.

i finally developed a few rolls of film. expect some photo posts in the coming days/weeks.

28 June 2010

this rooftop:

i'd like to be lounging, reading, and sipping a cocktail here (via miss moss).

24 June 2010

two songs/videos:

that will forever remind me of poison ivy (one outbreak, circa fifth grade, so bad that i had to spend the school week on my grandparents' couch, watching mtv music videos every time mawmaw left the room). also, shame.

23 June 2010


inspired by ensuite's post today, i google-mapped and daydreamed about the one place where i almost always want to be: cádiz, españa.  oh, memories.

17 June 2010

thursday still life:

sipping a bellini, water coloring, and brewing: an atypical ending to a stressful, atypical day. 

p.s. a GIGANTIC thanks to two of my favorite ladies for saving my life this afternoon.

16 June 2010

for lunch:

i'm having a peanut butter (crunchy), honey, and banana sandwich, cut into triangles (what am i, six years old?) and reading this article about sex, sports, drugs, and politics, which was cited on today's daily rumpus email. not necessarily the best or most appetizing combination of activities. do as i say, not as i do.

15 June 2010

strange but satisfying:

or, when a tuesday feels exactly like a saturday.

12 June 2010


i've been busy. not enough time to sleep, really, and even less time to keep up with things on the internet. however, i have managed to knock one item off of my to-do list: peach picking. we went last weekend, and it was lovely.

(thanks to bailey for the photo.)

20 May 2010


too cute not to post. thanks to dz for bringing these baby sloths to my attention; i squeal with joy every time i watch this video.

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

10 May 2010

hateful god:

have y'all read bradley's tumblr? aside from his maddening proclivity for posting soft focus karate portraits, he has some pretty cool stuff on there -- including, most recently, a summer playlist jam-thing, which is damned good. check it out.

08 May 2010

swimmin' holes:

i have discovered that one of the benefits of underemployment is the freedom skip off to some body of water every time the temperature reaches ninety or so. bradley and i went to hamilton pool for the first time this week and, although this photo does little to demonstrate the scale or the beauty or the refreshingly cold water, the place is amazing -- amazing and basically not visitable on the weekends. also, i left with a sunburned rear end.

04 May 2010

serious loft envy:

so many beautiful colors and patterns in caitlin mociun's sneak peek on design sponge. giving me the itch to rearrange.