01 December 2010


xmas wishlist

my sweet grandmother has been begging me for almost a month to send her a christmas wish list with links. for some reason, this seemed a horrible chore -- for a reason outlined earlier, and because, even though i can easily window shop online for myself day in and day out, i find that actually settling on an item is really, really difficult. perhaps that has something to do with the limited amount of space i have to put things.

i finally jotted a couple of items down to send to her in an email, and realized that they all sort of go together in outfit form. i guess you can click for more info?

1 comment:

camille said...

that bag!

that dainty dress would look so nice on you. i agree that making lists is a lot of pressure. i have installed the 'add to wish list' button to my toolbar. now, when i am browsing i just drag & drop items from the site to my amazon wish list.

it's easy!