20 May 2010


too cute not to post. thanks to dz for bringing these baby sloths to my attention; i squeal with joy every time i watch this video.

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

10 May 2010

hateful god:

have y'all read bradley's tumblr? aside from his maddening proclivity for posting soft focus karate portraits, he has some pretty cool stuff on there -- including, most recently, a summer playlist jam-thing, which is damned good. check it out.

08 May 2010

swimmin' holes:

i have discovered that one of the benefits of underemployment is the freedom skip off to some body of water every time the temperature reaches ninety or so. bradley and i went to hamilton pool for the first time this week and, although this photo does little to demonstrate the scale or the beauty or the refreshingly cold water, the place is amazing -- amazing and basically not visitable on the weekends. also, i left with a sunburned rear end.

04 May 2010

serious loft envy:

so many beautiful colors and patterns in caitlin mociun's sneak peek on design sponge. giving me the itch to rearrange.