25 April 2011

Short Hair:

Always feeling the urge to cut my hair ever-shorter, especially after seeing this style... not to mention those clothes!

From Jesse Kamm, via Jeana Sohn.

21 April 2011

Festival of Colors:

Probably old news, but these photographs are really brightening up my afternoon. From the Big Picture.

08 April 2011

Olle Olsson-Hagalund:

Got sucked in by Bukowskis last night and came across some simple, vibrant paintings by Olle Olsson-Hagalund.

07 April 2011


They always know exactly where I want to be.

01 April 2011


These pretty photographs from Toast remind me of a summer trip I took with my parents as a child  -- a sort of National Parks of the West tour in our camper. At one stop (maybe Bryce Canyon?), we pulled into our site in the late afternoon and my sisters and I played around on the boulders, looking for snakes, until dusk. I recall the colors and the stars looking just like this.