26 September 2011

Pretty photos of Morocco by Vic. I'd like to hop on a plane as soon as possible, please.

25 September 2011

Oh, Mara Hoffman. You're killing me. (via Honestly... WTF.)

24 September 2011

I snagged a Wiksten tank top + dress sewing pattern this morning; I guess that means it's time to drag out my machine and get to practicing.

10 September 2011

Things I'd like to buy & read: Kinfolk, Interwoven, Baker's Notes.

09 September 2011


These photos by Johann Darcel (via Miss Moss) are making me painfully aware of the relative absence of water in my 2011-summertime-fun.

And the ones of Bastrop post-wildfire (from TPWD) are just breaking my heart.