28 February 2010

the fall:

ah, i completely forgot how stunning this movie was. cosmic dust reminded me.

afternoon at the park:

sunny and sixty-something on the last day of february.

26 February 2010

another kitty:

this one with painted fur. via lauren dycus, who else? 

25 February 2010

not a bad day:

big brunch, bicycle ride, moderately successful job interview, book store, short nap, frittata & hot toddy & olympics.

21 February 2010

kitties & succulents:

is there any cuter combination? honestly? i think not. 

love these collages (and others) from stephen eichhorn, via mint.

16 February 2010


there are times when one is in the middle of a task -- say, reading a book, or brushing one's teeth -- and inexplicably finds oneself with a large and slightly painful under-the-fingernail splinter, but with no recollection of when it got there, or how, as there is no entry wound in sight.

15 February 2010

edmund dulac's illustrations:

inspiration for the toast spring/summer collection. i'm absolutely enamored of these shapes and colors and patterns.

12 February 2010

on abridgment:

i am currently reading an abridged version of les misérables. i like that the careful selection of omissions means that everything included in this version of the text is very intentional. nothing superfluous. i don't like that i will never know how the "short-winded, pot bellied Basque whom we have already mentioned" was initially introduced to the reader. he sounds like my kind of guy.

03 February 2010


... a handful of photos from our trip. looking through them sort of makes me wish i were back in baja, sitting on the beach, sipping on an ice cold, lime-tinged pacifico, instead of working on job applications in my pajamas in chilly, dreary austin.