28 February 2009

a. lincoln:

see the whole illustrated story here.

25 February 2009


so ready for this week to be over.

my next project: homemade cheese.

20 February 2009

books books:

i can't stop adding books to my goodreads to-read queue. it's getting to be a real problem. especially now that i've come across the book cover archive, which makes me want to read books on a purely superficial basis.

unrelated (but also visually stimulating): have you seen this photo series? a square by hosang park captures birds-eye photos of city parks around the world. so fascinating. i love the colors.

(found here.)

17 February 2009

me, today:

with a tiny pear and too-short bangs (whoops!).
i'm feeling so anxious lately. a quick trip to arkansas this weekend is probably exactly what i need. and then seattle the weekend after next!

12 February 2009

my afternoon:

kombucha, semi-sweet chocolate chips, fleetwood mac, and google reader. in bed.

11 February 2009


i'm so tired of coughing and sneezing and sniffling and feeling fatigued and sounding like a frog. come on, body, get back to normal already.

also, i don't know why exactly, but i think that these and these are so fascinating. god, i wish i could speak german.

(found here.)

04 February 2009


as you may know, i have been trying my hand at baking bread lately. i certainly haven't perfected my technique yet, but i'm loving each loaf that comes out of my dutch oven. the imperfections are charming, the smell is comforting, the taste and texture are incredible -- and the sense of accomplishment i get from creating my own breakfast from scratch is pretty great, too.

02 February 2009

i hate to lust, but:

...there are a few really beautiful things that i really, really want. sigh.