14 November 2008

10 November 2008

rainy monday:

casey and i stayed in bed this morning for a bit longer than we had planned, enjoying the overcast sky and the rain and the comfy warmth, and then we looked at maps of south america over coffee and yogurt.

also, i know that it's technically too early to be listening to christmas music... but the vince guaraldi trio's 'a charlie brown christmas' seemed like the perfect thing to listen to as i got ready for class on this chilly, rainy morning. i may be listening to it on a pretty regular basis beginning today. so, sorry guys.

09 November 2008


i tripped over a jagged piece of sidewalk on my run this morning, scraping up my right elbow (see photo below), banging up my left knee, and bruising my right hip bone and left thumb (right on the pad; a weird spot for a big purple bruise) during the fall. i felt like a huge dummy, but more than that, i was in a lot of pain. i blubbered all the way home, and sobbed as i tried to take my clothes off to get in the shower, and cried some more when i found a first aid kit with my cleaning supplies but couldn't bend my elbow to tape the gauze in the right place, and kept whimpering in bed until bradley came over an hour later and told me to stop being a baby.i'm feeling better now, but anticipating a bloody bandage and sore limbs for a few days, and hopefully some sweet bruises and scars later.

03 November 2008

whatever you do:

don't look at all of the status updates on facebook. i just spent about five minutes doing so, and all of the bullshit about the election made me lose a little bit of faith in humanity. people referring to candidates as if they were football teams. other people thinking that they can change their friends' opinions this close to election day with a few malicious words about the opposition. come on, be civil already.