26 September 2008

my friday morning:

an early 2-mile jog;
two cups of coffee;
a spanish test;
an aggressive hum and the fresh smell of cut grass;
a patch of sunlight;
a good book (i joined the denton public library system yesterday).

this is the sight that i've been waking up to lately, at about seven o'clock in the morning. the orange glow is really much more vibrant than my little camera can capture:

13 September 2008

stressed, anxious, hungry:

i've been feeling stressed and anxious all day, so i just spent 40 minutes doing yoga in my living room (complete with a soothing soundtrack) and 20 minutes walking around my neighborhood in the drizzle (which was graced by a little peek of sunshine, the first all day) to relieve my stress and anxiety, but i'm still feeling stressed and anxious. and now hungry.

07 September 2008

do you know about lovebugs?:

i feel that they're an important aspect of life in southeast texas. they have a distinct smell -- not necessarily a pleasant one -- and a distinct association -- with summer -- in my mind.

it's lovebug season in full force down here. lovebugs are everywhere: floating around, clinging to hair and clothes and bare skin, hanging around the threshold of every door, hundreds and hundreds smashed on the front of each auto on the road, copulating all the while.

i just read about them a bit here; quite interesting.

01 September 2008

one potato:

last night i dreamt of potato stamps. remember those from elementary school? i haven't a clue what i could have seen or done that would trigger my brain to lug that old, faded memory out of its archives. anyway, does anyone want to join me in a nostalgic craft project sometime?

also, i've listened to beach house's 'devotion' all the way through about five times today.