26 September 2008

my friday morning:

an early 2-mile jog;
two cups of coffee;
a spanish test;
an aggressive hum and the fresh smell of cut grass;
a patch of sunlight;
a good book (i joined the denton public library system yesterday).

this is the sight that i've been waking up to lately, at about seven o'clock in the morning. the orange glow is really much more vibrant than my little camera can capture:


B. A. Kerl said...

it's halloween.

Anna said...

that's a really pretty window to wake up to.

lauren ruth said...

this and the roar of that massive piece of machinery they've been working on next door

carmen said...

So nice, Whit. I'd love to wake up in a bed next to a window that looked like that. I'd also like to wake up without the ever-present hum of generator.

carmen said...

Sorry for the excessive comments. Sometimes the ship internet does weird things.