11 May 2007

svitska goes to spain:

i'm leaving for spain in a bit (eleven days) to do some studying of broads, and i want to chronicle my trip without spoiling this little blogspot. so here's my new, special spain-blog, for those who are interested: http://svitskagoestospain.blogspot.com.

i have quite a few loose ends to tie up in the next eleven days, a little school work, a lot of packing, "to do" & "to buy" lists as long as my arm. wish me buena suerte. & don't have too much fun without me.

08 May 2007

baby boy:

hey you! look how cute my nephew is:
he just turned one. see more photos here.

01 May 2007

mother may i:

why must may arrive with an anticipated ten days of stormy weather? yuck, i say.

i'm feeling very:
-excited about the end of school and the beginning of summer.
-anxious about finding new living arrangements for next year before i leave.
-lazy today, but i blame that on the weather.