29 February 2008

day twenty-nine:

goodbye, beautiful february!

28 February 2008

27 February 2008

day twenty-seven:

there were a number of things that i meant to do today but never got around to: getting a head start on a few essays, going for a run, voting early, attending a career and internship fair, seeing bill clinton speak on campus. instead, i took a nap in a spot of sun on my bed, looked through some books on switzerland, and went to dinner with a friend; now i'm drinking wine out of my owl cup and thinking about what to pack for denton.

26 February 2008

day twenty-six:

jesus christ, i'm so in love with devendra banhart. apparently mb is pretty into him, too. (thanks to darcy for posting this link on monét's facebook, which reminded me how dreamy he is, which, in turn, reminded me how talented he is. currently listening to cripple crow.)

25 February 2008

day twenty-five:

today felt like summer; i ate lots of blueberries.

24 February 2008

day twenty-four:

i drove my chinese neighbor to class on friday, and today she returned the favor by giving me a small package of tea that she brought back here from her winter trip to china. i can't wait to drink it!

23 February 2008

22 February 2008

20 February 2008

day twenty:

today was laundry day and camera-has-a-dead-battery day, so this is a photo from last night at dinner, where i ate some delicious fish tacos.

19 February 2008

day nineteen:

long day, beautiful day.

18 February 2008

day eighteen:

i came home from class today to find maribelle limping around, favoring her back leg. i spent $85 at the vet for them to tell me that they couldn't tell me what was wrong. cool. at least the baby got a little shot out of the deal.

16 February 2008

day sixteen:

them denton girls are here!

15 February 2008

day fifteen:

so sleepy and lazy today. i only just changed out of my pajamas.

14 February 2008

day fourteen:

i could sleep through valentine's day and be perfectly happy. damn it all.

but this card from my big sister is cuuute.

13 February 2008

day thirteen:

ate out at shady grove tonight. i'm bored.

12 February 2008

day twelve:

maribelle has an obsession with my bathtub; i will never understand.

11 February 2008

day eleven:

today i wore sandals and took two naps. so what?

10 February 2008

day ten:

a sink, not mine.

09 February 2008

day nine:

my parents and i hung out on south congress all afternoon. this creepy little baby reminded me of maribelle.
p.s. - i want to apologize to everyone i kissed last night, and also those who i neglected to kiss. i love you all.

08 February 2008

day eight:

i am so in love with casey and so in love with her tepee.

07 February 2008

day seven:

i'm in denton! this is the view from bradley's window at 5:55 pm. i like the birdies.

06 February 2008

day six:

an accidental photo of the afternoon shadows on my lampshade.

05 February 2008

day five:

my early lunch: a berry-banana smoothie and a bowlful of almonds. i'm pretending like i don't have a paper due tomorrow by listening to the beach boys and reading a tabloid about heath ledger's life and death.

04 February 2008

day four:

foggy day, early morning drive.

03 February 2008

day three:

i'm staying at home for another night; we're watching the super bowl, which no one gives a fuck about. but we all put money into a pot to bet on scores at the end of each quarter, which makes it a little more fun. my dad just won $800. and an extra, from last night: a double magnum bottle of wine -- four bottles in one! woooooooo.

02 February 2008

day two:

tomorrow is my dad's fifty-seventh birthday, so tonight we're celebrating with crawfish and beer. this was the first batch. it was delicious and spicy.

01 February 2008

day one:

i'm thinking of doing a photo-a-day for the month of february, because it's a short month (although i suppose a little longer this year), because i don't have anything really exciting going on, and most just because i can.

so here is day one: maribelle curled up under the covers. my computer tells me that it's twenty-five degrees and sunny out, although i don't completely trust its accuracy. i'm about to leave for home to celebrate my dad's birthday, which means that i'll be drunk for the next few days.