27 February 2008

day twenty-seven:

there were a number of things that i meant to do today but never got around to: getting a head start on a few essays, going for a run, voting early, attending a career and internship fair, seeing bill clinton speak on campus. instead, i took a nap in a spot of sun on my bed, looked through some books on switzerland, and went to dinner with a friend; now i'm drinking wine out of my owl cup and thinking about what to pack for denton.


Bradley KERL said...

don't pack nothin'. i've got panties you can borrow.

monet said...

cant wait to see youuuu!

camille said...

swtizerland! iv'e been there for a brief time. are you going?

cute owl cup!

i love your daily photos...you inspire me! it's so much fun to read/see your updates!

darcy elizabeth said...

ew bradley.

i plan on seeing you tonight!