26 December 2009


a bathing suit is pretty much the last thing i want to put on right now, but with our family vacation rapidly approaching, it's about to become unavoidable. unless i choose to lie on the beach in something like this, of course (to go along with bailey's outfit). i'm lusting over this one (and that bod?), but settling for this one (and researching nylon dyeing techniques).

17 December 2009

virtual christmas shopping... for myself:

following darcy's lead, i'm compiling a list of beautiful things i would put on my christmas list if my family were exchanging gifts this year. (instead of collecting more things, we're going on a five-day vacation to cabo san lucas. sun-bathing and whale-watching? -- i seriously can't complain.)

anything from rifle paper company, including, but not limited to, this beautiful botanical chart card set:

a getaway at the tree house featured in the toast a/w 09 house & home catalog (... or anything else within the pages):

a big-girl purse:

feminine underpinnings:

cozy slippers:

a whole library of penguin cloth-bound classics:

...among other things.

03 December 2009

bacon band-aids:

worn out of necessity, not irony.

01 December 2009

it's that time of year again:

outside it is raining and cold, and i'm bah-humbugging already. not that i don't love the holiday season -- i'm just sick and tired of all of the stuff involved.

(photo from here, forever ago.)