30 September 2009

me, today:

wearing my duck skirt, for those who lamented that i never do.

& sulking, because bradley is leaving for europe for a month.

25 September 2009

all or nothing:

this song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now.

Au Revoir Simone - All Or Nothing from JONATHAN DORTCH on Vimeo.

24 September 2009

speaking of hairdos:

i think i'll try this one out next. (from here.)

22 September 2009

me, today:

i got my hair cut off (!!!) and i've been blowing my nose and sneezing constantly (yuck).

18 September 2009

uh oh:

i think i'm picking up an accent.

14 September 2009


mom and i spent the morning drinking coffee and sorting through our linen closet. each quilt, sheet set, and pillow sham comes with a little story of its own; it's so difficult to get rid of items with histories.

also, neither of us have gone outside yet, but we agree that it really looks like autumn today. the light is different, softer. i can't wait for cooler weather.

03 September 2009

a few cool things:

bailey sent me a link to this article earlier today. this guy's philosophy and aesthetic are incredible -- i can't believe he's from hunstville, texas. see the rest of the slide show here.

also, bailey and i have almost completed our 1st week of half-marathon training! i'm pretty excited about getting back in shape and having a goal to look toward; plus, we're going to start meeting up on sundays to do our long runs together, which will give us some nice sister-time now that we're in closer proximity to one another...