07 September 2008

do you know about lovebugs?:

i feel that they're an important aspect of life in southeast texas. they have a distinct smell -- not necessarily a pleasant one -- and a distinct association -- with summer -- in my mind.

it's lovebug season in full force down here. lovebugs are everywhere: floating around, clinging to hair and clothes and bare skin, hanging around the threshold of every door, hundreds and hundreds smashed on the front of each auto on the road, copulating all the while.

i just read about them a bit here; quite interesting.


monét said...

i've never heard of these lil guys!

lauren ruth said...

They remind me of my Girl Scout Camp.. We used to freak out because we thought that it was so weird that they were comfortable mating in front of us.

B. A. Kerl said...

it's weird that something so common where we are from is unknown to others.

Anna said...

so annoying to remove from a vehicle.

anthony and i would like to come and see you soon.

lo said...

i see these everywhere but didn't know they were "lovebugs." i would not have chosen that as a name for them, were it up to me, although they are all over each other a lot of the time so i guess it's appropriate.

camille said...

ugh. they are so terribly classless. seriously, get a room...bugs.

they don't look so "in love" to me.

thanks for the science lesson!!