27 April 2010

i turned twenty-four:

and, for no logical reason, the number terrifies me. in order to (hopefully) alleviate some of the anxiety i feel about life-rushing-by-me-too-quickly and not-taking-advantage-of-my-relative-youth-and-leisure-time, i have compiled a list of twenty-four things to do before i turn twenty-five:
  1. fill up a notebook with words
  2. volunteer somewhere
  3. finish writing unfinished essays
  4. finish reading unfinished books
  5. canoe on town lake
  6. leave the country
  7. use more film
  8. find "my scent"
  9. pay special visits to each of my grandparents
  10. hike
  11. pick peaches
  12. practice french
  13. speak spanish
  14. spend a saturday morning at the farmers market
  15. get out my sewing machine and finish some of those oft-dreamed-up-but-never-accomplished projects
  16. keep up with my 5-year diary
  17. wake up earlier
  18. drive out west
  19. keep up with a podcast
  20. do something daring (karaoke? cliff-jumping?)
  21. read more nonfiction
  22. grow something from seed (successfully)
  23. improve my vocabulary
  24. walk and bike more

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