31 March 2008


today i picked up the holga photos i took in switzerland. i'm pretty happy about the way that some of them came out. look here.
also today, i'm doing the lemon juice/maple syrup/cayenne pepper/water cleanse. i'm not hungry, but i really, really want to eat something solid. i should really do it for longer than one day to receive the desired results, but i won't last. i'm dreaming of cooking some chik'n and hericot verts for dinner. mmm.

absolutely no self control.


reid said...

bluntly put, that cleanse looks terrible. i suppose taste isn't really the point. good luck with that. cool pics.

lauren ruth said...

tell me about this cleanse whitney, i feel like this would be something that could make me feel better..

i keep getting sick and i need something to change it all up.

ALSO: you're pics were beautiful. you've got an eye my friend. an eye for wonderful colors and images. mmmhmmm.

camille said...

i tried that cleanse once.

suffice it to say i will NEVER drink lemonade again. i've yet to touch maple syrup again.


C said...

goddamn these are tight whitney! i love them. the swans blow my shit up. so do the pictures of the houses, and the clock pic. wow.

Bradley KERL said...

yeah, the swan photo is one of the best things i've ever seen. for sure.

nico said...

nice and poetic photo! your flickr ones are really interesting as well.
I accidentally discovered your blog through Camille's blog and the feedbacks you left there.
I really enjoy your Holga photos, I plan to buy one the next weeks.
Kind regards