16 October 2007

palabras españolas:

so i noticed today that every time i run, i constantly form nonsensical spanish phrases and repeat them over and over again in my head. often about calcetines rojos or something random/absurd like that. i don't know why. i'm just sayin'.

tonight i made a delicious batch of pea and basil soup with toasted ciabatta and sun-dried tomatoes and watched 'go for zucker' (belatedly, and at the suggestion of my german film comedy professor). today was a very good, very long tuesday.

question: is it possible for one to update one's blog too often?


Bradley KERL said...

yes, it is possible, but not in this case.

just don't start reporting on minor daily details like when you clip your nails or check for lumps in your breats.

too far?

darcy elizabeth said...

update all the time!

Bradley KERL said...

i forgot to add that i do this all day long, or at least i always translate things i hear and say into spanish in my head.

Jesse said...

I'll be sure to make a blog if I ever get around to clipping my toenails. that's a promise.