27 May 2008


i get up early, i have coffee and breakfast, sit around for a while, get dressed. i prepare lunch, mom and i ride our bicycles 1.4 miles to work. i work until 5 p.m., we ride our bicycles 1.4 miles home. i think about unpacking my car and straightening up my room. i run, i shower. i help with dinner and drink a few glasses of wine. i read, and i go to bed early.

so if you're curious: this will be my summer. plus a vacation here and there. it's not so bad, so far.


Bradley KERL said...

get on with your "documenting sour lake" project already!

i wanna see.

monet said...

i really dooooo want to come visit you in sour lake. how far of a drive is that? maybe i could come on a thursday and stay until sunday or so. when would you be free? this place sucks.