08 January 2008


i feel like i have sort of been disconnected from the rest of the world over the christmas break. i have been reading book after book, knitting, camping, hiking, rafting, eating good food, drinking wine, running, biking, tidying, working, making future plans, and going to bed early, all in the company of my immediate family. this month has been really wonderful... both productive and lazy.

just one semester left, then onto bigger and better things.


camille said...

i know exactly how you feel.
the knitting, the reading, the hibernation with the family, and the end of school!

i like this entry so much.

enjoy your very last semester!!! i hope to see you soon. i missed you over the break.

casey said...

i love youuuu. come to denton

darcy elizabeth said...

i cannot WAIT to see you this weekend.

monet said...

i'm glad you've been having such a good break. i need you in my arms again!

lauren ruth said...

i know what you mean. its so relaxing to just be around your family sometimes and do whatever and just do the things you enjoy. i'm glad you had such a wonderful very very last winter break in college. weird huh? BUT FUN.