07 May 2009

show and tell with ms. monét robbins:

"this is my new blackberry! it's sort of ghetto and it doesn't have a built-in camera."

"this is my kitty, benny! he's sort of chubby and very sleepy."

p.s. i'm so lucky to have amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, fun gfs all around the state and the country and the world.


monét said...

1. obviously stoked about it.
2. my teeth look SO creepy.
3. i had no idea. i love you sososoosososo much. :D :D C U ASAP

camille said...

your friends are so cool!
and i like that chubby cat!

caseyyy said...


i love monet. and you. and all the girls. a ridiculous amount.

i'm so pumped for girl time.

will there be girl time before you leave on the 6th?