02 May 2009

my mint:

the mint plant (of an unidentified variety) in my windowsill is producing an inordinate amount of fragrant leaves on its unruly stems, and i just figured out what to do with it. who's in for mint juleps and/or mojitos? eh? happy hour to celebrate dead week?

p.s. you all should see how my little garden is reacting to this rainy weather. perhaps i have a little bit of a green thumb after all.


B. A. Kerl said...

she failed to mention her basil plant, which she is conducting inhumane experiments upon. be warned! you could be next!

monét said...

MOJITOS I WANT MOJITOS! and its dead week already? whoaaAAAA! have i really been out of school for almost a year, WTF!?

whitney said...

monét, i'll most definitely have another ginormous crop of mint leaves by july 4th weekend -- we'll have mojitos then, too. :*

camille said...

i love fresh mint!
i made mojitos with mine as well.