20 May 2009

sad, sad news:

i'm visiting my family in sour lake, and they just told me that maribelle was hit by a car in front of our house a few weeks ago.
r.i.p. baby girl. i'll miss you forever.


monét said...

i vow to never get with another cat.
you will always be missed maribelle. xo

carmen said...

That makes me so sad!

I remember how that crazy kitten would climb up your leg or bat at your hair when it hung over the back of the couch and how she would paw through the blinds on the door when I'd knock.

That lively little cat will be missed.

camille said...

oh no!

even though i did not know maribelle, i know that she was a good cat.

r.i.p. dear kitty.

i'm sorry, whit (and others who knew/loved maribelle.)

Jesse said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO! that's terrible!
and what took your parents so long to tell you? sheesh!

darcy; said...

we were JUST talking about her. UGH. that makes me so mad/sad. :-(

whitney said...

it happened at the beginning of finals week, and they were worried that i would be so distraught about it that i wouldn't be able to focus on my exams... and they wanted to tell me in person... i think they were right, because i was a serious mess last night when they told me.

camille said...

i'll be in sour lake on sunday evening, and i'll be returning to houston on monday afternoon.

it would be wonderful if we could see each other for drinks & games on sunday evening! all of the schro/duff kids will be there (sans cd).

wuddya say?

B. A. Kerl said...

she was a cat born on bad luck with no one to love her. found with two broken legs, she was always a feisty one.

she liked a good belly rub on concrete. she had the brightest blue eyes.

sorry pooter. she will be missed!