11 October 2008

things in my kitchen:

yesterday we had homemade vegan pizza margherita. i honestly thought that bradley was going to break down and cry -- he was so proud of his near-perfect dough. (it was really, really nice dough. and delicious pizza.)

i've put off washing my dishes all day long; i consolidated the mess by stacking plates and bowls, and i was pleased with the unexpectedly appealing sight of the arrangement in my kitchen sink.


Jesse said...

Oh man I want some more of that pizza!
I was going to offer to do the dishes and now regret not doing so.

Dave said...

That is surely perfect looking dough.

lauren ruth said...

it's the little things that make life truly enjoyable. like the beautiful arrangement of stacked plates. :)

lo said...

^^^ and pizza

B. A. Kerl said...


word, landon.

camille said...

this looks delish. yum, i am on my way to the grocery store as i type...thanks for the idea!

kudos, bradley.

(ugh. i really hate when people use "kudos"....sorry that i even typed it.)