05 October 2008

snippets of last night's dreams:

-bradley was really drunk and hanging out with some other girl (who was also drunk). he got into an accident on his bicycle -- there was a lot of blood, but he just had a few scratches on his upper thigh (also, his cut-offs were way shorter than usual). the girl dragged him out of the road to the sidewalk. i watched all of this from the other side of the road and i worried about him, but for some reason i couldn't cross the street to help. after he had cleaned up a bit, he started talking with my uncle terry, who was sitting in a dark corner of a crowded party. that's where i found him. i sat down with him and he put his head on my shoulder.

-i kept walking past mirrors and catching glimpses of really dark hair on my upper lip, and i panicked.

-i drank ligon's chocolate silk straight from the carton that's in her fridge (i'm staying at her house in lubbock right now, and there really is a carton of chocolate silk in her fridge); i chugged it until there was only one sip left in the carton (probably all backwash), at which point i said, unapologetically, "here ligon. there are a few drops left." and then i woke up.


monét said...

hahahah! thats great. i just bought some dream books, i'm going to try to analyze this one.

camille said...

wow. i am sure that these dreams mean something, but what...i'm uncertain.

sidenote: i'm now craving choco silk. yum!

lo said...

remind me never to drink after you

B. A. Kerl said...

haha! great!

i'm going to tease you even more about pretending you have facial hair.

monét said...

accident: a dream of an accident signifies that you need to pay more attention to what you are doing. this venting dream also indicated a desire for perfection and a fear of making a mistake.

blood: dreams of blood symbolize life force, power, and connection to your family.

family: dreams of family symbolize loyalty, strength, unconditional love, and deeply rooted belief systems from your tribe. they could be an indication that healing among your family members is taking place or is forthcoming. if you dream of a particular family member, it can literally be that you are processing the details of your recent interactions with that person, or you are beginning to disidentify with your family mythology as you begin to autonomize and discover your own beliefs and attitudes. also, because as every character in a dream is a reflection of you, consider the qualities and attributes you ascribe to that family member and realize that you are grappling with this aspect of yourself.

mirror: dreams of a mirror suggest self-analysis, awareness, self-consciousness, and a preoccupation with how others see you. they are a reality check about your public image, a lucid moment filled with insight about your patterns of behavior.

hair: dreams of hair symbolize memory and power.

i will get better at this, but hope this helps.