21 December 2008

me, today:

here is me, with my new hair, sitting in front of the fire and sneering at the snuggie commercial that just came on the television (my parents and i are watching 'caribbean cops' [who even knew this show existed? it's awful.] in our pajamas). i got about five inches cut off, plus layers, but somehow it doesn't look like that much to everyone else. anyway, no knot-buns anymore!

it was hot yesterday, but a coldfront came through last night and now it's feeling wonderfully wintery here. i love christmastime in sour lake.


monét said...

you look kind of pissed off, haha. i like the hair, you totally can tell it looks different. now i have more of a chance to catch up to you though. i think my hair has stopped growing.

B. A. Kerl said...

"i'm dreaming of a balmy christmas..."